Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSE) offers a Thematic Sequence in Game Technology (3 courses). The sequence is appropriate for students interested in learning how to program games through a short thematic sequence.

Given the prevalence of computing devices, it is important that we understand what they do and how they do it. The Game Technology thematic sequence is designed to provide students with an intuitive understanding of how computer software is created and designed and how it functions to make possible common applications such as computer games and the World Wide Web. After learning the concepts and skills of computer programming, students will apply this knowledge to design and create a variety of computer games and web applications. Technologies involved in the CSE Thematic Sequence may include Unreal Engine 4, Unity or other common game programming environments and development tools.

The students in the thematic sequence for the CSE sequence begin with one of the following courses:

  • CSE153 – Introduction to C/C++ Programming, or
  • CSE163 – Introduction to Computer Concepts and Programming, or
  • CSE174 – Fundamentals of Programming and Problem Solving;

The sequence is completed by taking both of the following courses.

  • CSE251 – Computational Modeling and Simulation (3)
  • CSE252 – Web Application Programming (3)

To learn more about the CSE Thematic Sequence, visit the this page.