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Elements is a virtual reality tower defense game.


Grief is an adventure game about coping with painful memories.

From the Journal of Randolph Warren Carter

From the Journal of Randolph Warren Carter is a narrative focused horror exploration game based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

Bullet Boss

Bullet Boss is an experiment in the “Bullet Hell” side-scrolling shooter game genre.

It Was Always You

It Was Always You is an experimental game about reality splitting and time control. In the game, the player navigates up to four different screens which all represent…


Aeternum is a narrative game about depression.

Burn It All

Burn It All is an exploration game about a tiny dragon who likes gold coins.

Rija’s Day

Rija’s Day is a short interactive story about cultural discrimination.


Seudosim is a “Russian Roulette” game that parodies violent freemium shooting games.

Capital Sim

Capital Sim is a simple simulation game that invites the player to run an industrial enterprise.


Sideshooter is an arcade style space shooter that mixes traditional bullet hell style gameplay elements with a rhythm based game concept

Ringo’s Way

Ringo’s Way is a narrative experience set in the Old West that has the player search for his friend Ringo.


Independence is a sarcastic little game about the relationship between the player and their on-screen character.

Audio Abduction

Audio Abduction is a game that explores the impact of a soundtrack on gameplay. It was developed by Jacob Zawodny in GameMaker Studio. The game can be downloaded here (windows only).


QuestLess is a bare-bones role-playing game without quests but lots of silly characters.