Tag: IMS225

Capital Sim

Capital Sim is a simple simulation game that invites the player to run an industrial enterprise.

The Da Vinci Coders

The DaVinci Coders is a game that aims to to teach kids how to read and write basic java code.


Experience is a short role-playing game that aims to teach how certain mental health issues can impact one’s life. .

TiER1 Guest Lecture

TiER1 visited Miami University to reveal the secret ingredients in their gamification strategies.

Diet Heroes

Diet Heroes is an educational game that uses role-playing battle conventions to teach healthy eating habits.

Cellular Warfare

Cellular Warfare is a single player board game in which a bacteria colony attempts to thrive in a hostile host system.

College Life

College Life is a game about finding a healthy balance between a social life, an academic life, and your health.


The Gradequest project uses innovative course design that applies game design techniques to motivate and evaluate students.


Denounce is an adventure game that teaches about Russian and Soviet history from the 1930s.

Candy Knights

Candy Knights is a board game to help teach 4th grade students math and history

Filament Games Guest Lecture

Filament Games joined the IMS225 Games and Learning class to discuss their work with the students.