Tag: IMS212


7Sins is a competitive card game in which each of the players takes on the role of one of the seven deadly sins.

Visceral Planet

Visceral Planet is a “co-optional RPG in a box”.

Hunt of the Beast

Hunt of the Beast is a four player game in which 4 players hunt down the beast that lives among them.

Race to the Red Planet

Race to the Red Planet is an space adventure board game, in which players race their ships to Mars.


GRAViTY is an abstract puzzle game that uses graviational forces to move game objects around.

Araneae and Julia Hiltscher Guest Lecture

Julia Hiltscher (Vice Director of ESL) and world-famous Alvar Martin “Araneae” Aleñar (coach of Fnatic) join IMS212 for a guest lecture of e-Sports.

From Earth to Mars

From Earth to Mars is a science fiction space adventure board game, crawling with treachery and deceit.

Dale Yu Guest Lecture

Board game designer Dale Yu visited Miami University to discuss his work on board games such as Dominion.

The Essence of Evil

The Essence of Evil is a text-based adventure game that explores the line between justice, empathy, morality, and righteousness

Blocked In

A Piecepack game in which 4 wizards use force fields to surround their opponents.