Students interested in games are encouraged to join one of the many students groups in games. These include:

  • The Miami University Electronic Gaming Association (MEGA)
    Mega runs several social events and houses an impressive collection of consoles and games for members to borrow.  Events include tournaments,  parties and gust speakers. MEGA is Miami’s largest game-oriented student group, with over 150 members.
  • The Video Game Design Club (VGDC)
    The VGDC is focused on game design, practicing prototyping, alternative design methods, and both digital and non-digital play. It also organizes its own specialist courses to compliment the AIMS Games programs.
  • The Miami University e-Sports Club
    The e-Sports club strives to offer a fun, inclusive community for all Miami students to compete in. It focuses on playing games that are popular in the competitive scene or “eSports” category such as League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone, Starcraft 2 and more.
  • The Games for Geeks Living Learning Community
    This student-created community brings together students over a shared enjoyment of games.
  • The Strategy Gaming Club
    A social group of strategy game fans that get together to play games.
  • Humans Versus Zombies
    The HvsZ club organizes a live-action, zombified game of tag. Players will wear yellow armbands (humans) or headbands (zombies) to distinguish themselves during the game, with Marshmallows being used to tag players.
  • Miami MUDKip
    MUDKIP stands for the Miami University Department for the Knowledge and Improvement of Pokémon. MUDKip is a Pokémon fan club primarily focused towards competitive battling with the video game, but their meetings are far more casual and focused on general Pokémon appreciation.
  • Miami Game Jam Club
    Miami University Game Jam Club (GJC) is a campus organization in which we get together on the first weekend of every month to make games in 48 hours. Themes are released at 8:00pm Friday and submissions are closed at 8:00pm Sunday. We hang out unitl 10:00pm Sunday to share what was made.
Recurring Activities
  • Global Game Jam Club
    For four years running, Miami’s Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies has, with its partners, hosted Ohio’s first and largest site for the Global Game Jam. The Global Game Jam is an annual event in which participants design and create digital and non-digital games over the course of one weekend — spread out over the world, but sharing their games for the world to play. At each site, participants gather to develop ideas, form small groups, create new, creative, innovative games, and present them to their peers and the global community, all in a limited time span. In the course of a single weekend, the GGJ featured teams in 44 countries, who over the course of one weekend created over 1,500 games. While the Global Game Jam is the largest event of this type at Miami, other smaller jams are also run.  Join the VGDC to hear about these student organized jams.
  • Humans Versus Zombies (LARP/ARG Club)
    The HvsZ club organizes a live-action, zombified game of tag (see above).
  • The DDD Experience: Gaming Radio
    Thursday at 10:00pm on Miami’s Redhawk radio WMSR