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College Life

College Life is a game about finding a healthy balance between a social life, an academic life, and your health.


Humans vs Zombies

Join our fight against the zombie apocalypse that is scheduled from April 2 to April 11.


Research Opportunities

Find out which research opportunities are currently open to our students.

Student Game of the Year & Best Student Digital Game of the Year (Spring 2014): The World the Children Made

The World the Children Made

A nar­ra­tive adap­ta­tion of Ray Bradbury’s The Veldt.



The Gradequest project uses innovative course design that applies game design techniques to motivate and evaluate students.

Don't Kill The Cow

Don’t Kill The Cow

A side-scrolling critical game that questions game goals and what it means to win or lose in a digital game.

UDLR: Swipe

UDLR: Swipe

UDLR: Swipe is a simple, but elegant, swipe-based mobile game for iOS and Android.


Featured Student Blogs

An overview of student posts that were featured on industry sites.

Best Student Serious Game (Spring 2014): Denounce


Denounce is an adventure game that teaches about Russian and Soviet history from the 1930s.



The use of embodied game technology to provide hands-on decontamination training.

Best Student Board Game of the Year (Fall 2014): From Earth to Mars

From Earth to Mars

From Earth to Mars is a science fiction space adventure board game, crawling with treachery and deceit.


Dale Yu Guest Lecture

Board game designer Dale Yu visited Miami University to discuss his work on board games such as Dominion.


2014 Student Game Awards

Find out which student games won awards for the games that they made at Miami University during the Spring and Fall semester of 2014.



Supertrip is a location-based mobile adventure game  for Android and iOS.


Atari 2600 Studio

A course during which students get to develop Atari 2006 games in assembly.

barely afloat

Barely Afloat

A game about a little girl and her cuddle toy, who are looking for her parents on a sinking cruise ship.


Radical Writing Center

Radical Writing Center is a serious game about consulting a student writer.

John Comes

John Comes Guest Lecture

John Comes, the creative director for Uber Entertainment gave a guest lecture to the students of IMS445.



RainboDisko is a tabletop game to be played on an operating record player.



A 2-player cooperative game about a god named Henry and his minion Fred, who combine forces to fight off non-believers.


Gerontoludic Design

Gerontoludic Design is a research project about game design for older adults.

verilog header


VerilogTown is a game that can be used to learn Verilog, a language used to design and test circuits that can be implemented on various technologies.

Honorable Mention (Spring 2014): Bottle Rockets

Bottle Rockets

Bot­tle Rock­ets is a “music video” game about a mother and her daugh­ter that features a song by Aphex Twin.


Fairies? Why did it have to be Fairies?!?

A Project Tango game in which the player tries to defeat the vengeful flower fairies.


NICU Evacuation

A research project about the use of gaming technology for hospital evacuation training.

Honorable Mention (Fall 2014): The Essence of Evil

The Essence of Evil

The Essence of Evil is a text-based adventure game that explores the line between justice, empathy, morality, and righteousness

Honorable Mention (Spring 2014): Candy Knights

Candy Knights

Candy Knights is a board game to help teach 4th grade students math and history


Blocked In

A Piecepack game in which 4 wizards use force fields to surround their opponents.

Horse Owner

Horse Owner

A mobile simulation game modeled after the Derby Owners Club.

Filament Games

Filament Games Guest Lecture

Filament Games joined the IMS225 Games and Learning class to discuss their work with the students.

Ash Monif

Ash Monif Guest Lecture

Ash Monif, the co-founder and CEO of indie studio Grimm Bros gave a guest lecture to the students of IMS487.

Jane McGonigal

Jane McGonigal Visit and Guest Lecture

Revisit world-famous game designer Jane McGonigal’s visit to the AIMS Games Center to talk with and inspire our students.


Critical Gameplay

Critical Gameplay is a collection of “strategically designed” video games asking what common game mechanics tell us.


Super PR Manager 2K15 Mobile Edition

A mobile game about teaching media awareness (and high profile athletes getting into trouble).

Setup of Shapemaker


ShapeMaker utilizes a table-based tactile interface, allowing players to learn basic concepts in programming by playing a card game.

Dalai Lama

Past Projects

An overview of some projects of the early days of the AIMS Games Center