Miami University has world class gaming resources provided through classrooms, labs, and the distinct support of the Miami University library. The Miami University Libraries put together the following resource to highlight library resources including the well-stocked game lab and a solid collection of media and periodicals for games research. This list includes game systems available for student use and game titles available.

Any student taking a games course has access to appropriate materials for the course. Generally any student with a major or minor in interactive media studies or games will have full access to all classrooms and labs.  Some resources are restricted for use. Some equipment also requires faculty-supervised training before a student can use it.

The following rooms and labs specifically cater to our games students:

27 King Library Games Lab

214 McGuffey Hall Engaging Technology Lab

  • Owned by EHS
  • This lab has a number of high-end development worksuites, projection walls, smartboards, Oculus Rifts (DK2s), Wacom Cintiqs, paper prototyping kits, MIDI controllers, mobile devices, etc.

201 Laws Hall Visualization Lab

8 Benton Game Development Classroom

9 Benton Armstrong Videoconferencing Classroom

  • Shared with CSA
  • This classroom is used for distance-based interaction with clients, guest lecturers, faculty, and students. The room has a multi-camera, multi-screen tandberg videoconferencing system that allows the entire classroom to participate. It also had dual projection on the front and back of the room and business-style furnishings for a professional sense.
  • More detailed information about Room 9 Benton

200 Hiestand Digital Art and Design Classroom

Phillips Hall Huge Immersive Virtual Environment (HIVE)

Phillips Hall Motion Capture Lab

2040 Farmer School of Business Armstrong 3D Visualization Classroom

2034 Farmer School of Business Center for Research in Usability Human Subjects Lab

  • Shared with Marketing
  • This lab contains two eye-tracking monitors and a 42″ HP multitouch display. The lab space is used to conduct human subjects research in game usability and experience.