Category: Projects


Brukel is an indie game and research project about the impact of war on the innocent bystander.


The Gradequest project uses innovative course design that applies game design techniques to motivate and evaluate students.


The use of embodied game technology to provide hands-on decontamination training.

Gerontoludic Design

Gerontoludic Design is a research project about game design for older adults.


VerilogTown is a game that can be used to learn Verilog, a language used to design and test circuits that can be implemented on various technologies.

Fairies? Why did it have to be Fairies?!?

A Project Tango game in which the player tries to defeat the vengeful flower fairies.

NICU Evacuation

A research project about the use of gaming technology for hospital evacuation training.

Critical Gameplay

Critical Gameplay is a collection of “strategically designed” video games asking what common game mechanics tell us.

Super PR Manager 2K15 Mobile Edition

A mobile game about teaching media awareness (and high profile athletes getting into trouble).


ShapeMaker utilizes a table-based tactile interface, allowing players to learn basic concepts in programming by playing a card game.

Past Projects

An overview of some projects of the early days of the AIMS Games Center