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Global Game Jam

Vist our Global Game Jam on January 20-22, 2017.

Super PR Manager 2K15 Mobile Edition

A mobile game about teaching media awareness (and high profile athletes getting into trouble).

Barely Afloat

A game about a little girl and her cuddle toy, who are looking for her parents on a sinking cruise ship.

Fairies? Why did it have to be Fairies?!?

A Project Tango game in which the player tries to defeat the vengeful flower fairies.


Miami University alumni in games have held positions in a variety of companies. Recent graduates have gone to work at Microsoft Studios, Nintendo, Oblong Industries, ZooGames/IndiePub, and Zynga. Others…

Student Groups

Students interested in games are encouraged to join one of the many students groups in games. These include: The Miami University Electronic Gaming Association (MEGA) Mega runs several…


A 2-player cooperative game about a god named Henry and his minion Fred, who combine forces to fight off non-believers.


Our course offerings reflect the wide variety of games work and academic research.  The following is a list of games courses offered through Interactive Media Studies and allied…


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