The Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies awards a scholarship to one of its students to visit the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco from February 27 through March 3 2017.

To be eligble for the AIMS scholarship, a student must:

  1. Be over 21 years old on January 2017.
  2. Be a senior at Miami University majoring in IMS.
  3. Provide the materials listed below to demonstrate intent to work in the industry after graduating.
  4. Submit your application before Friday, December 9th.

The scholarship funding will reimburse up to $2,500 of expenses made for traveling to and from the conference, purchasing a GDC pass, and staying in San Francisco during the days of the conference. The student who receives the scholarship will be moved into first place on the AIMS free lodging list, but free lodging is not guaranteed.

The AIMS faculty will select a candidate based the following criteria:

  • Quality of the application,
  • readiness to be employed in the industry and quality of the applicant’s portfolio,
  • ability to act as an ambassador to the AIMS program, and
  • diversity.

To apply for the scholarship, please fill out the form below. As the AIMS GDC Scholarship is highly competitive, we recommend students who need financial support to attend the GDC to also consider other scholarship opportunities such as the GDC conference associate program, the IGDA scholarship, and other GDC scholarships.


Miami University Email:



Link to online resume:

Link to online portfolio of game-related work:

Please explain why you are applying for this scholarship:

Would you be able to attend the conference in 2017 without this scholarship?

Do you qualify for financial aid from Miami?

Have you ever attended the GDC before?

Will you be over 21 before January 21?

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