Explore the center of the games industry with the AIMS Summer Game Studio. Live in San Francisco, get course credit, network with leading game companies, design and build a commercial game in 24 days and receive feedback from the games industry. This program is an extension of the AIMS San Francisco Digital Innovation Center


Students will completely implement a game during a 3 week period. Students will work in their chosen specialty area of art, design, programming or business/marketing. The project will be determined prior to May via student and instructor feedback. The goal of the one month intensive program is to give students the game studio experience. Students will be provided housing in San Francisco and will work daily in a studio space as a single team. The team will be managed and structured around a small game studio. The experience will combine instructor-lead instruction in appropriate game needs and a game-jam style set of intense game-making experiences.

This is an excellent opportunity for any student seeking game-making experience, hoping to network at the heart of the game world, or understand how games are made. Game-making is not easy work, but it is very satisfying. The resulting game will be submitted to major game competitions. Students needing portfolio content, professional experience in game making and marketing, or curious about the San Francisco software experience should apply.

Applications need to be in by the end of the Fall semester. Although applicants can be first year students and above, preference is given to applicants who have game-making or software-marketing experience. Pre-arranged visits to top game companies are planned for Electronic Arts, Blizzard and Ubisoft. Other visits are being planned for smaller, startup companies.

Students can receive credit for any two of the following classes: IMS211, IMS212, IMS377, IMS390, IMS445.


Costs are still be calculated. Expect to pay slightly less than a traditional for credit Miami University international travel experience.


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